What are your opening hours?
Professor Chan’s Surgery opens from 8:30am to 4pm Monday to Thursday; Friday 8:30am to 12 noon.
For your convenience, he has rooms at Westmead, St Leonards, Liverpool and Wahroonga.
For further details please Visit the contact page.
How do I make an appointment?
The best way to make an appointment is by phone to our staff on (+61 2) 9635 9655.
We will be able to answer your questions and book an appointment for you.
Do I need a referral to see Prof. Chan?
If you are a Medicare card holder and wish to claim the Medicare rebate, you will require a referral from either a GP or a specialist. Your referral needs to be addressed to A/Prof. Felix Chan. If you are not a Medicare card holder, a letter from your referring doctor will be useful to help summarise your health history and present health conditions.
What are the consultation fees?
This information will be provided to you when you make an appointment. Some patients may require extra procedures during the consultation i.e. colposcopy, biopsies etc which may require extra costs. We are able to help you to claim your Medicare rebate after payment. We transmit claims online through Medicare on the day of your consultation and most rebates will be deposited into your account within 24 hours into your registered account.
Does Prof. Chan do general gynaecology?
Yes, Prof. Chan looks after women with general gynaecology conditions as well as complex gynaecological conditions such as cancers. In this website, you can view the wide range of services that Prof Chan provides.
What do I need to bring for my appointment?
  1. Your referral Letter
  2. All test results reports including scans or films, blood test results related to your appointment if you have them
  3. Your Medicare card and/or Health Fund card
How long should I fast for before an operation?
6 hours
What is involved in using PicoPrep prior to an operation?

PicoPrep is used to remove bowel contents and cleanse it before major procedures to facilitate the ease of surgery and minimise the risk of infection. Please note this information may not be applicable for all procedures, if unsure please call our rooms on 9635 9655
Please refer to the PicoPrep instruction sheet below for further information:

Download PICOPREP instructions
Which medications do I need to be stop prior to surgery?
Aspirin - 5 days prior to surgery
Warfarin - 5 days prior to surgery
Cardiprin - 5 days prior to surgery
Plavix - 7 days prior to surgery
Do I need to stop blood pressure medication before my operation?
No, take medication with a sip of water as usual
I have bleeding after the operation. Is that normal?
For some procedures, you may bleed (or spot) for up to six weeks after the operation. This is common and there is nothing to worry about unless it is bright red and heavy or passing clots for a full day or more.
After the operation do I need to keep the dressing on and for how long?
Remove plastic dressing after two days. Keep steri strips for seven days
After the operation if it is itchy do I take off the dressing?
Will stitches come out by themselves or dissolve?
All sutures that are used on skin are dissolvable
Post-surgery How soon can I pick up heavier items?
Heaviness is relative, less than 5kg in the first four weeks
Post-surgery How long before I can go to the gym?
Four weeks
They have given me white stockings to wear, how long should I keep wearing them?
They should stay on for four weeks
Post-surgery How long before I am allowed to drive?
Laparotomy - 4 weeks
Laparoscopy - 5 days
Minor procedure - next day
Robotic surgery - 1 week
Post-surgery How long before I can take an aeroplane flight?
10 days
Do I need to know the results prior to my postoperative appointment?
Usually the patient will be given results at the postoperative appointment
Post-surgery How long before I can commence having intercourse?
Six weeks after hysterectomy